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Amazing Anniversary Triple Header

Thanks everyone for coming to celebrate with us!

Women’s International League for Peace & Freedom is 100
WILPF Monterey County is 50
Founding Member Joyce Vandevere turned 88

Despite a PG&E gas line break that closed Highway 1 and turned the location, the Unitarian Universalist Church of the Monterey Peninsula, into a temporary command center, everyone made it through to have a great time enjoying music by Phillip Crawford on jazz piano and the wonderful voices of Rhythm & Rouge.

A brief video on the dramatic founding and early history of WILPF was shown.

A Certificate of Recognition from the State of California
Senate was also presented to our Monterey County branch "on the occation of the 50-th Anniversary of WILPF and with great appreciation for WILPF's role in advancing the cause of peace and freedom through local actions and in concert with its international movement."

The Certificate of Recognition to Joyce Vandevere on her
88th birthday read: " on the occasion of your birthday and with great appreciation of your lifelong dedication to the cause of peace, justice and freedom at home and abroad. Your leadership, commitment, and unwavering spirit have inspired many as you have made a difference, step by step, meeting by meeting, picket line by picket line, and song by song."

Joyce spoke in honor of the core nonagenarian founders and welcomed new members to the group, before the award was presented by Senator Bill Monning.


If you have photographs to share, please let us know through our contact form. 


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March 9, 2015

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Links We Like

Here are some excellent websites for in depth reading and news about important issues usually not covered by the corporate-owned media.

The Nation

Since its founding in 1865, The Nation has been a home for writers instigating, reporting on, and arguing about struggles for social and economic justice. 

The Progressive

The Progressive is an American monthly magazine of politics, culture and progressivism with a pronounced liberal perspective. Founded in 1909

War Resisters League

The War Resisters League has been resisting war at home and war abroad since 1923. Today, as one of the leading radical voices in the antiwar movement, we challenge military recruitment and warprofiteering, organize nonviolent direct action, and offer on-the-ground tools to end the current war and all wars.

United for Peace & Justice

From an initial Washington, DC meeting in 2002, United for Peace & Justice has grown into a coalition of over 1400 member groups all around the world working to end war and oppression, shift resources toward human needs, protect the environment and promote sustainable alternatives. 

War Times

Documents the costs of militarism and the war on terrorism. Includes back issues, subscription information, action ideas, and volunteer opportunities.

The Pacifica Foundation

The Pacifica Foundation operates to promote the full distribution of public information; to obtain access to sources of news not commonly brought together in the same medium; and to employ such varied sources in the public presentation of accurate, objective, comprehensive news on all matters vitally affecting the community.

Jane Addams Peace Association (JAPA)

The Jane Addams Peace Association was founded in 1948 "to foster a better understanding between the people of the world toward the end that wars may be avoided and a more lasting peace enjoyed."

Swarthmore College Peace Collection

An internationally important archive of papers and books concerning the work of pacifist organizations and individuals, the Peace Collection forms part of the Swarthmore College Library. 

 Friends Committee on Legislation of California

The Friends Committee on Legislation of California (FCLCA), guided by Quaker values, advocates for California state laws that are just, compassionate and respectful of the inherent worth of every person.


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February 25, 2015

Updated Post


100 years of  Peacemaking from a Woman's Perspective

  • OUR CENTENNIAL CELEBRATION APRIL 22-25, 2015, THE HAGUE, THE NETHERLANDS -- Members meet to affirm a MANIFESTO shaping the next 100 years of our organization
  • April 27-29  PEACE WOMEN (and like-minded men) join the International Conference on Peacebuilding of the Century with hundreds from around the world to strategize and strengthen peacemaking

JOIN WILPF and you will become a part of an international community of courageous women activists who believe -

  • conflict and wars cannot be stopped without the experience and expertise of women
  • it is time for women to focus on and use their power to stop war.
  • our weapons are dialogue, knowledge and persistence.
  •  we should insist on women's right to participate in all political fora, from Congress to the peace table.


More about the International Congress at women


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